terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Treasure | Bruno Mars, ai, ai!

E quando achava que este homem já não  me conseguiria surpreender mais....

Treasure | Bruno Mars

70's funky sound is back, e digam o que disserem, mas isto deixa-me <3

Treasure | Bruno Mars

Give me your, give me your, give me your attention baby
I got to tell you a little something about yourself
You're wonderful, flawless, ooh you're a sexy lady
But you walk around here like you wanna be someone else

I know that you don't know it, but you're fine, so fine
Oh girl I'm gonna show you when you're mine, oh mine

Treasure, that is what you are
Honey you're my golden star
And if you could make my wish come true
If you let me treasure you
If you let me treasure you


Ai, ai...

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